Our Facilities

The property which is now Camp Donegal was donated to the Presbytery of Donegal in 1957. The cabins and dining hall were constructed in the next few years. In 1972, a retreat center was added near the main camp area. Over the years there have also been the addition of a wilderness camping area, a pool, a maintenance shed, an infirmary, an administrator’s residence, a camp store, and staff cabins. These buildings, combined with several hiking trails and many acres of beautiful, wooded hills, valleys and streams provide the peaceful setting we speak of in our mission statement.

All of our facilities are clean. You will need to bring your own linens, pillows, and toiletries. We ask all of our guests to be kind to our facilities/grounds and leave the facility in the same or better condition than that in which they were found.

Donegal Hall: This lodge contains a kitchen, dining hall and fireplace. This unit can be used on its own for day use, or in conjunction with the Reformation Cabins for overnight use.

Reformation Cabins: Built in 1957 as the original structures of Camp Donegal, these three rustic buildings house 16 people each on bunk beds, divided between two bedrooms with their own bath facilities. The cabins lend themselves to co-ed or family use.

Calvin Cottage: This cottage sleeps 12 people on bunk beds: 4 in one room and 8 in the other. The 4 bed room also holds a table for dining or conferencing and access to the kitchenette unit. With a handicap accessible bath facility in each room, this is a perfect family or small group cottage.

Barmen Lodge: This recently renovated retreat center was built in 1972 and houses 32 people. The upstairs is divided into two separate bedrooms, each with its own bath facility. The downstairs is designed as a great room with fireplace and a separate kitchen. A second floor wrap-around porch adds to this building’s charm.

Wilderness: This cluster of five three-sided Adirondack shelters provides housing for up to 26 campers. Complete with a bath house and pavilion with running water but no electricity, this area of the camp allows true escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Koinonia Pavilion: This picnic pavilion is complete with tables to accommodate up to 75 people. Electricity and water are available at the pavilion, and toilet and bath facilities are nearby at the pool.

Bethesda Cabin:  This A-Frame style cabin and can sleep 2 - 3 people. It has a small loft, bathroom, small refrigerator, microwave, and small sitting area. This cottage is not available from November to March. 

Good Shepherd: This cabin features room for 2, with a bathroom, small refrigerator, microwave, and small sitting area. This cottage is not available from November to March.  

Redeamer: This cabin features room for 4, with a bathroom, small refrigerator, microwave, and small sitting area. This cottage is not available from November to March.