Summer Camp 2017

Camp Donegal is excited to partner with Krislund this summer! We know that God has blessed each of our camps with talents and strengths and we hope by working together we can make the camp experience more enriching for each camper. Krislund will be programing 4 weeks of the summer camp experience for Donegal. While change can be difficult at first we know that God’s presence in this partnership is alive and real. We want to honor some of the most beloved Donegal traditions and add new traditions that will impact campers lives. We are excited to see what the summer brings and the new friendships that will be formed.

When you apply to work at Donegal this summer you will be working for Krislund and Donegal. Contact Krislund at 814-422-8878 if you have any questions!

Our Staff

We pride ourselves on the quality and excellence of the staff we employ. Staff members are selected after extensive interviews, background and reference checks have been completed.  Only those of the highest moral quality and caliber are chosen. Dedicated, mature, college-age staff, often with prior camping or child-care experience, fills our resident and day camp positions.  Before the summer camp program begins these individuals spend 14 days training and preparing for the weeks ahead. They also participate in training throughout the season. Staffs receive special instruction on dealing with homesickness, providing a safe atmosphere, leading an engaging Bible Study, and how to lead adventure activities.


2017 Theme: A New Hope

“Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in all day long." --Psalm 25:5

This year, campers will learn what a New Hope truly means. Using Biblical stories campers will explore what our living hope is and how we can share it with others.

Alpha and Omega

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God” who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” – Revelation 1:8

The evening campers arrive they will be split into two teams, Alphas (red) and Omegas (blue). Once initiated campers will create a group name and decorate a flag to represent their padawon group. Campers will carry the flags during the week. This is a way to encourage friendly competition throughout the week. Campers will compete in daily challenges such as shooting a pyramid of cups, showing off their stellar dance moves, finding bouncy balls or campers can also earn points through creativity and their actions. On Friday before campers leave there will be a closing ceremony and the winner of the week will be revealed.



Camp Descriptions


Base Camp and Tracks

Base Camp 2nd-12th Grade- Who knew that you could fit so much fun and excitement into one week? Base Camp is more exciting than ever and the best way to experience the traditional overnight camp atmosphere. The camp gives you a sampling of what Donegal has to offer including what Donegal has been and what the future holds. Campers will have to select what track they want to participate in for base camp. Read the descriptions below about tracks.


Imagination- For campers who love to use their imagination! This track is designed for campers to develop creativity while experience outdoor activities at camp. Throughout the summer volunteers will teach campers drama, knitting, drawing and sketching, Art-loving campers can enjoy the outdoors too!

Sampler- Do you love arts and crafts and extreme activities? This track is for you!! This track is designed for campers who love to use their imagination and participate in hands on activities.  Dip your toes into both walks of life by participating …you won’t regret it!

Water- This track is designed for campers who love extreme games and water activities. Campers will be able to experience games and enjoy more water activities such as swimming and slip and slide. Cool off during the summer by signing up for this track.


Night Owls

7th-12th Grade

 If waking up at 7:30 in the morning does not sound like fun sign up for our Night Owl camp! This program is designed so that campers get to experience all the wonders of Krislund in the DARK! Campers will sleep thru the day and wake up with the owls to play! This brand new program is designed for campers who love to stay up late and play under the stars!

C.I.T. and Pioneers

CIT 10th-12th Grade-If being a counselor sounds like a great way to spend the summer then sign up for our CIT program! This program is for high school students who are interested in being a counselor. The first week campers will learn leadership skills and participate in fun camp games! The second week campers will shadow a counselor and have first-hand experience of the amount of work that goes into being a counselor. Please submit a recommendation from someone in your church and a one page response on why you would like to be a part of our CIT program. 

Pioneers 6th-9th Grade-This camp is specifically designed for our middle school campers. This two week program offers campers the opportunity to grow in their faith and to become more like Christ. This camp comes with a weekend excursion! Campers will have leadership training throughout the two weeks and will work with our Day Camp program.  Campers will love the times of worship, Bible study, and cabin time as well as testing their faith by participating in all the fun Krislund has to offer!

Canada Trip

8th-12th Grade

Ay, do you love extreme adventure? Come with us to Canada and experience canoeing, hiking, camping, and whitewater kayaking in this 7 day experience. Campers will learn basic skills at camp and then travel to the beautiful forests of Canada for a 5 day extreme adventure experience. This trip will be led by our Executive Director, Gene Joiner, class IV paddler and extremer adventurer. This camp is designed for campers who love heart pounding, blood rushing experiences! (Campers must have a passport)

Raft, Rock, and Roll

6th-12th Grade

Want to experience white water rafting down the Lehigh River, bike the D&L trail, and rock climbing? This camp is for you. Campers will experience the ultimate adventure camp that will include a three day, two night camping trip off site. Campers will sleep under the stars, battle the rapids, and become better climbers in one week!

Scuba Camp

12 years and older

Dive down under with this camp. Campers will work with a certified Scuba instructor to have the opportunity to get the PADI Scuba Certification. Scuba certification teaches you how to dive and pushes you beyond your comfort level.  Campers will work in the Krislund pool and travel to Bald Eagle State Park for more practice. 


Pricing and Discounts


Pay however much works for your family! This year, Camp Donegal is once again utilizing tiered pricing. The idea behind it is simple:  Summer camp has great value in the life of a child. At Camp Donegal, we want to enable any child or youth who wants to come to camp to do so — regardless of financial ability or uncertainty. Camp Donegal works hard to keep camp affordable. However, as with most other aspects of life, the costs to run a quality camp are constantly on the rise. This has produced considerable strain on our budget and has caused us to rely on donations and off-season guest group fees to cover the remaining operational expenses. Recognizing that families have differing abilities to help offset our costs, we have instituted a voluntary, confidential tiered pricing structure. Rather than raise all camp fees to levels that better help cover expenses and risk losing out on ministry opportunities for those who might not be able to afford those rates, we are giving you the option to pay more if you are able. This pricing does not influence the quality of the camp experience for any child attending camp, but it does help us to continue to provide excellent programs and staffing. This pricing provides the opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the true cost of their child's camp experience.

·       Tier 1: Does not reflect the true cost of operating our summer camp programs but is available to ensure that no camper gets left behind. This tier relies heavily on Presbytery subsidy and donations to cover the remaining expenses. (For families who cannot afford Tier 1, there is additional financial assistance available through our Scholarship Program. Please contact the camp office for more information.) 

·       Tier 2: Allows us to offset some of our expenses, but results in less revenue than needed to maintain a balanced budget and continue improving the camper experience.

·       Tier 3: More closely accounts for the true costs of camp, including food and supplies, insurance, facilities upkeep and improvements, summer staff salaries and expenses, new programming and activities, and the actual costs of running camp.  Any family or individual who would like to give beyond their tier's pricing, we appreciate all donations! There is an option to make a monetary donation on your registration form. Although it is up to you to decide what you can afford to pay toward your child's camp experience, please consider selecting the highest price your family is able to afford. By doing so, you'll not only help to cover the true cost of running camp, but also protect every child's opportunity to meet Christ at camp!


If you have any questions, please contact the camp office at (717) 862-3722 or 


Day Camp

Tier 1                                                     Tier 2                                               Tier 3

$250                                                       $285                                                  $335


Base Camp

Tier 1                                                     Tier 2                                               Tier 3

$400                                                      $460                                                   $540


Specialty Camp

Tier 1                                                   Tier 2                                                     Tier 3

$425                                                      $472                                                         $554



Early Bird

Receive $10 OFF for a full week registration if you register prior to 3/15/2017.


Pay full price for a full week of camp and then each sibling in your immediate family may receive $25 off one 2017 full-week camp registration.


Pay full price for a full week of camp and receive $50 off another week in 2017.

Bring a friend

If you are a returning camper, you can receive 50% off your registration when you bring a friend who has never been to a week of camp at Donegal. Let us know the name of your friend, and when the camper has fully registered and paid, you will receive a credit on your invoice. (This discount can only be combined with the sibling discount.)